5 Cars We Will Never Tire Of (Inspiration to Buy a Used Car)

There will always be flashy new cars on the market, but there are a few classics that we just can’t get enough of, no matter how exciting the newer vehicles might seem!

There will always be flashy new cars on the market, but there are a few classics that we just can’t get enough of, no matter how exciting the newer vehicles might seem!

Used cars have become increasingly popular since the start of the pandemic, what with furlough and unexpected expenses creating speed bumps in the road. As showrooms have opened up again, there has been a 30% increase in used car sales - are you going to be one of them?

With things slowly starting to return to normal, there are two things to keep in mind: people are becoming more comfortable with the idea of big purchases again, and they’re realising they no longer feel confident using crowded public transport systems any more. What’s more, how else can you get out of the city and explore the picturesque British countryside if not with a car?

Keep reading for the 5 cars we just can’t tire of!

5. Mercedes-Benz A-Class

The luxury hybrid vehicle was one of the UK’s best selling cars last year, and it’s no wonder with such a wide range of models of the Mercedes-Benz A-Class available. Whichever hatchback you choose, whether it’s the Mercedes-AMG A35 or A45, both versions feature a plug-in option for the more environmentally inclined driver.

This sleek car is a popular choice among our customers, and our no deposit options can help you reduce the cost of the high-end vehicle by removing the need for an upfront payment.

4. Ford Fiesta

The Ford Fiesta is a practical car that has remained steadfast through the ages - with a few small changes here and there!

The supermini is another of our bestselling cars, and for good reason - it’s easy to drive, run and quite aesthetically pleasing. This comfortable and compact car is the perfect choice for many first-time buyers.

3. Mini hatchback

This reliable vehicle is an icon of the ages. The Mini Hatchback has been a classic go-to for many new buyers over the last two decades as it doesn’t cost much to run at all.

The Mini offers a smooth driving experience, and it’ll be with you for years with the potential to keep you on the roads for over 100,000 miles.

Word on the street is that the Mini Cooper will grow smaller in future generations, so if you still want this small yet spacious car, snap it up while you can!

2. Volkswagen Golf

Here’s a challenge - stand on the corner of your nearest main road and count how many Volkswagen Golfs pass you in 5 minutes. You’ll soon lose count of just how many there are on the roads - Britons love it!

The Golf hatchback is popular amongst commuters, parents and students, and has been touted as the best bang for your buck as its affordability and practicality for everyday use make it one of the most versatile cars on the market, and a wide market at that.

Along with its varying models of estate, GTI and Golf R, this eighth-generation vehicle also offers hybrid options, in keeping with the times as we move towards the electric car revolution.

1. Nissan Qashqai

Our favourite car is the admirable Nissan Qashqai - and it’s a hit with our customers as well.

This compact SUV is the perfect family vehicle. The roomy vehicle leaves enough space for the whole crew, effectively reducing the possibility of an argument between the youngest two!

The eco-friendly Qashqai is popular, but this generation’s time is almost up! If you’re looking to buy it at a cheaper price, you can head over to our homepage to finance a new or used version of the mid-sized model.

All of these cars have something special about them, and if we could own them all, we would! Fortunately, we can help you add one to your assets  - with a further 150,000 new and used cars available to finance on our customer portal (including the ones you see in the photos above at the time of writing).

If you’re interested in buying one of these affordable cars, work out how much you need to pay using our car finance calculator. After you share some information with us, you’ll receive a quote and will then be able to access our customer portal.

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