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If you have had a CCJ, IVA or default in the past, you may find it tricky to be approved for car finance. However, at Quick Car Finance we work with the full market of car finance providers who are willing to take a view on all kinds of circumstances and credit histories.

Our lenders are more interested in your future, rather than your past. If you have a stable and regular income and can afford monthly repayments, you can access the finance you need and get your new car on the road in no-time.

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What is a CCJ and Why Does It Affect My Approval?

A CCJ refers to a ‘County Court Judgement’ whereby a creditor has taken you to court over unpaid fees. This may be for outstanding bills, loans or credit that was not fully paid off, despite multiple attempts to recover their payments.

To acknowledge the court judgement, you will have a CCJ put on your credit file for a period of 6 years and this will be noted as ‘satisfied’ once paid, or remain ‘unsatisfied’ if the bill is still outstanding.

It is a note for future creditors that you have failed to make an ongoing payment and they will be wary of this when you apply for other loans and financial products.

Can I Get Car Finance with a CCJ?

Yes, there are a number of car finance lenders who are willing to take a view on people with CCJs.

As a rule of thumb, the longer ago the CCJ was enforced, the less likely that lenders will take it into account.

If you have satisfied you CCJ within 1 month of its issuing, this will be removed from your account. If you have satisfied it after this, you can contact the court to have the information on your credit file changed - and this will usually cost just £15.

Moving forward, if you have a regular and stable income and have also recently paid off other bills and debts, the lender can see that your credit is improving and therefore you may be able to access the car finance you need.

What Car Finance Options Are Available for People with CCJs?

We have a number of finance options for people with CCJs including:

Personal Contract Purchase (PCP) – Make a deposit, fixed monthly payments and the option to make a balloon payment and own the vehicle outright.

Hire Purchase (HP) – Make a deposit, pay a higher monthly rate and eventually own the vehicle outright.

Leasing – Make a deposit and pay monthly with no option to own the vehicle outright

Personal Loans – Borrow an unsecured loan and transfer this to the dealer.

If you have had a CCJ, you will need to demonstrate a regular income and that you can afford to make monthly repayments.

If you have had a CCJ, you will need to demonstrate a regular income and that you can afford to make monthly repayments.

In the case of people with CCJs, you may be charged a slightly higher monthly rate for your car, to reflect the potential risk to the lender.

In addition, you may need to pay a slightly higher deposit than the usual, as a way to showing your commitment to purchasing the vehicle.

If you are part-exchanging a vehicle and it is in good condition, you could trade this in and it can off-set some of the deposit or the monthly repayments.

How Can Quick Car Finance Help Me?

Quick Car Finance is used to working with people of all backgrounds and circumstances and with over 48 different tiers of finance available, we can help find the right for you.

Our lenders are willing to take a view on bad credit , self-employed and all kinds of credit histories – and our application is free to do and can provide you with a list of quotes in real-time.

Upon approval, we can recommend a number of reputable car dealers and transfer money to them directly. We carry out a full car inspection to make sure it is roadworthy – and if successful, you can purchase your new car from start to finish in just 24 to 48 hours.

How Can I Apply for CCJ Car Finance?

Start by filling in our application, including the overall value of your desired car and how long you wish to borrow for e.g 4 years

We will instantly provide you with a list of competitive quotes from car finance providers across the UK.

Once you have selected the right quote, we will carry out some final checks and process your application for funding as quickly as possible.

Our application is completely free and no obligation. To get started, simply click on get a quote below.