Self-Employed Car Finance

Self-employed man behind the wheel of a car, driving down a road.

If you’re self-employed and looking for car finance, Quick Car Finance has over 48 different tiers of self-employed car finance options to help you purchase the car you’re looking for.

Finance a new or used car as a self-employed person anywhere in the UK!

Although it can sometimes be harder to get access to finance if you are self-employed, we can assist by checking your budget and providing you with a list of sensible options from car lenders across the market, including:

  • No deposit options
  • Poor credit and CCJs
  • Personal or business purposes
  • PCP, HP and leasing options

Our self-employed car finance application process is quick and easy and if all goes to plan you could be driving away the same day!

We’ve also compiled a list of the top frequently asked questions to give you all the information you need when it comes to self-employed car finance.

Self-employed car finance FAQs

Can I get car finance if I am self-employed?

Absolutely. We understand that being self-employed often means it is harder to be approved for finance. We can help by assessing your budget with our car finance calculator, then from this providing you with a list of affordable and realistic options from different car lenders across the market. Our variety of self-employed car finance options mean that you will still be eligible to purchase the car of your dreams.

Can I purchase a car for business purposes?

Quick Car Finance proudly offers car financing options for those that are self-employed looking to buy a vehicle for business purposes. We provide financing for taxi drivers, couriers, delivery drivers, long haul drivers and builders/contractors.

What is the eligibility criteria for self-employed car finance?

To be eligible, you will need to have proof of income. Whilst most lenders require up to 3 years of income, our team will be able to assist if you have less than this on your books. This is because we have a number of lenders who are willing to take a view on individuals with evidence of 1 or 2 years’ worth of income. This is provided that you have a regular, stable income and can afford monthly repayments.

You should also have a good to fair credit score to access the best rate. If your credit rating doesn’t meet the requirements, we also have options for those with poor credit and CCJ.

Think you’re eligible? Get a quote here.

How can I boost my chances of approval?

The more you meet the eligibility requirements, the best chance you have of getting approved for your self-employed car finance application.

This includes (but is not limited to):

  • You have 3 years worth of accounts (and your business is in profit)
  • You have a regular and stable income
  • You have a good to fair credit score
  • You’re on the electoral register
  • You can afford monthly repayments

What kinds of self-employed car finance are available?

There are several different options for self-employed car finance.

Personal contract hire (PCP)

An initial deposit with fixed monthly payments for an agreed length of time. At the end of your agreement, you have the option to make a balloon payment (a final larger payment) which gives you the option to own the vehicle outright. Alternatively, you can give the vehicle back and start a new deal.


When you lease a vehicle, you pay a deposit upfront and then make a payment each month for an agreed period of time. After all your payments are paid, you do not own the vehicle and must give it back.

Hire purchase (HP)

You make an initial deposit (10-20%) and then pay a monthly rate for the vehicle, which you will eventually own outright.

Personal loan

This is an external loan, which is transferred to the car dealer directly in order to purchase your vehicle. Failing to keep up with repayments could lead to additional fees and impact your credit rating.

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Quick Car Finance is passionate about helping self-employed people find the right car finance for them. We aim to help people from all walks of life and have access to a whole range of car loan providers across the UK, who are willing to offer finance for all kinds of circumstances.

If any of these self-employed car finance options are suitable for you, apply online today for a free, no-obligation quote.