By Joy Pearson

How Quick Car Finance (QCF) protects customers from car scam pitfalls

How Quick Car Finance (QCF) protects customers from car scam pitfalls
How Quick Car Finance (QCF) protects customers from car scam pitfalls

29 November 2023
By Joy Pearson
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In the ever evolving landscape of online car sales, staying vigilant against scams is paramount. A recent report from Santander, as highlighted in a Daily Mail Article, underscores the alarming prevalence of fraudulent car listings on platforms like Facebook's Marketplace. Unlike these unregulated platforms, Quick Car Finance offers a structured and secure environment for car purchases, shielding customers from the reampant scams prevalent on sites like Facebook. But fear not, Quick Car Finance offers a safe harbor, ensuring our customers navigate these waters with confidence and security. 

Comprehensive Car Search: Your Gateway to Trusted Dealerships

Quick Car Finances' robust car search tool is the cornerstone of their customer protection strategy. It aggregates listings from nearly 13,000 dealerships across the UK, offering a vast selection of 250-300 thousand vehicles. This extensive network contrasts sharply with the unreliable listings found on social media platforms, as noted in the Daily Mail article. QCF's approach ensures customers access only legitimate and verified listings, significantly reducing the risk of encountering scams. What sets them apart? There emphasis on trusted dealerships. Nearly 3,000 of these dealerships have earned there 'trusted' badge, representing about 115,000 vehicles ready for a swift, secure transaction. 

'Our trusted dealer badge: A mark of reliability'

Customers using their car search tool can filter results to display only vehicles from our 'trusted' or 'premium' dealers. This distinction is critical in a market where, as the Daily Mail reports, the majority of listings can be deceptive. QCFs trusted dealer badge is a direct response to this issue, providing a layer of security and trust that is absent in many online marketplaces. Each QCF listing includes comprehensive details, from mileage and fuel type to ULEZ compliance, giving customers a clear, honest view of their potential purchase. 

Rigorous Dealer Verification: Beyond the surface

QCFs commitment to preventing dealer fraud and ensuring high-quality vehicles goes deep. This is particularly important in light of the article's findings on the prevalence of fraudulent listings. 'When our agents engage with dealerships, they conduct thorough inquiries; like verifying vehicle availability, registration, mileage, service history and more. We only finance vehicles with a service history, at least 6 months MOT remaining, and a substantial warranty, further safeguarding our customers interests.'

High Standards for Dealership Approval

The approval process for dealerships at Quick Car Finance is stringent. This meticulous vetting process is start contrast to the lax standards seen on platforms like Facebook Marketplace, as reported by the Daily Mail. When investigating a new dealership, QCFs support team abide by a strict checklist requiring dealerships to have a minimum of 3.8-star Google rating from at least 20 reviews, a clean recent history regarding vehicle quality, FCA authorization, a solid Creditsafe score, and an absence of CCJs. 'Our support team employs a detailed scorecard to assess dealerships that don't immediately meet these criteria, ensuring no stone is left unturned in our pursuit of quality and reliability.'

Protecting Against Fraud: Our Payout's Team's Role

In contrast to the unchecked and scam-prone transactions highlighted in the Daily Mail article, QCF have put measures in place to ensure the authenticity and compliance of every transaction. 'In the critical phase of transaction completion, our team plays a vital role in fraud prevention'. This contrasts with the scenarios described in the Daily Mail, where transactions often occur without such rigorous checks, leading to scams. QCF go the extra mile to ensure all deals are financed compliantly, meeting lender expectations and safeguarding both the business and most importantly, our customers. Funds transfers typically occur when the customer is on-site, post-verification via a video call or confirmation of the vehicle's condition, adding an extra layer of security to the process. By conducting these checks, QCF minimizes the risk of fraud, ensuring that funds are transferred only when both the customer and QCF are satisfied with the deals legitimacy. 

Additional Products for Peace of Mind

The range of additional products offered by QCF, such as extended warranties and maintenance packages, directly addresses the risks associated with online car purchases, as depicted in the Daily Mail report. These products are designed to alleviate the concerns or purchasing a vehicle online, where the buyer might not have complete information about the car's condition. By offering extended warranties, QCF provides assurance against unforeseen mechanical or electrical issues that could arise post-purchase, a common fear among buyers on platforms with a high incidence of fraudulent listings. These additional services not only enhance the vehicle's longevity and performance but also offer customers peace of mind, knowing that they have support if something goes wrong. 

Our Promise to You: The Best Finance Deal

QCFs commitment to offering the best finance deal counters the deceptive practises often seen in online car sales, like those reported in the Daily Mail. Unlike platforms where low prices can often be a lure for scams, QCFs approach considers a comprehensive range of factors to tailor the best possible deal for each customer. This methodology includes evaluating lender deposit requirements, term limits, maxlend, LTV, and vehicle criteria. By prioritizing a deal that best suits the customer's specific needs and circumstances, QCF ensure a transparent and honest finance process. This approach not only helps customers avoid the pitfalls of deceptive low-cost offers but also ensures customers receive a finance deal that aligns with their financial situation and vehicle preferences, fostering trust and long-term customer satisfaction. 

Ultimately, Quick Car Finances' structured and diligent approach to car finance provides a stark contrast to the risky and often misleading practises prevalent in less regulated online marketplaces. QCFs measures proactively address the concerns raised in the Daily Mail article, offering customers a secure, transparent, and supportive car buying experience.