Getting a deposit together when applying for car finance is not always easy. This is why we work with UK lenders who are experienced in this area and may therefore be able to offer you a deal without the need of paying a large amount upfront.

No Deposit Finance
No Deposit

What does Zero Deposit Car Finance mean?

In most cases, you are required to pay a deposit of 10% minimum when buying on Personal Contract Purchase (PCP) or Hire Purchase (HP). This helps with getting approval for a lender and can also help reduce monthly repayments.

But with no deposit finance, you do not need to pay a deposit upfront when buying a new or used car. Instead, you make it up by repaying a little more in monthly payments that you can actually afford.

How can I get car finance without a deposit?

The process is just as simple and straightforward as getting any other type of finance with us. Here are three different ways to do it:

  1. Part-exchange: Since your existing care is still worth something, some dealerships will be willing to exchange it either in parts or resale value. This amount could possibly cover for your deposit, therefore eliminating the need to pay for it in cash.
  2. Spread repayments: Another affordable way to avoid paying a deposit upfront is to have it spread across the repayments over the 3 or 4 years of the loan term. Naturally, if you prefer smaller monthly payments, you would have to pay a deposit.
  3. Good credit and affordability: If you have a good credit score, this will boost your finance provider’s confidence in your ability to make your monthly repayments on time. Having a good customer profile could pave the way for plenty of flexible and affordable financial options, including 0% car finance.

What information do I need to apply for 0 deposit car finance?

By applying online on our website, it is possible to get an instant decision in just 5 minutes!

You will need to have some basic information at hand such as the value of the vehicle you’d like to purchase and your monthly budget. You will also need your driver’s license and some final bits to help us understand what is the best way to help you.

Once applications are approved, which can happen on the same day, funds are transferred to you or the car dealer as soon as 24 to 48 hours.

Why Quick Car Finance?

We are a registered broker in the UK and authorised by the FCA, and we are passionate about offering transparency and the lowest no deposit finance deals possible to our customers. We work with all the main car finance partners in the UK and have an approved list of dealers to make sure that you are offered the best rates, with no hidden or inflated fees.

We also believe that having a poor credit rating shouldn’t be the end of the road; our partners are willing to offer 0 deposit car finance for bad credit too, taking lots of other factors into consideration. For more information, please visit car finance for poor credit.

Whether you want to finance an Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Ford, Fiat, Kia, Range Rover or Volkswagen you’re aiming for, we may be able to help. Click on the ‘Get a quote’ button below to get started!