Watch Out, Tesla: Competitor Electric Car Brands To Have On The Radar

A sneak peak at the electric car brands giving Tesla a run for its money.

Less air and noise pollution, lower running costs and growing affordability are some of the reasons people keep searching out electric cars. And as they gain popularity and become more accessible to the general public, more brands emerge to meet that demand.

Electric vehicle shoppers are drawn to the Tesla brand for its battery range, performance, acceleration, style and quality. The American electric car manufacturer has been dominating the industry for its clean technology and sleek designs, and Teslas continue to be in high demand. 

Other electric vehicle brands, however, are rising up to compete with their unique selling points. Here are some of the newer brands to take note of, and how they compare with Tesla. 

Byton M-Byte and K-Byte

The BYTON Company is a global start-up that focuses on user-experience led technology. The Chinese-German automotive brand, which was established in 2017, focuses on the future of mobility with luxury electric cars. 

Byton is planning to release two main models both starting at $45,000 USD: a premium, smart, mid-sized electric SUV called the BYTON M-Byte and a premium sedan focused on autonomous driving known as the BYTON K-Byte. 

The M-Byte features a 48-inch screen display, 4 feet of 4K across, and has been carefully designed to be easy on the eyes of the driver. The screen is controlled by a smaller screen in the steering wheel, and sits low on the dash so it doesn’t obstruct or distract.

The M-Byte will come with either a rear-wheel-drive or all-wheel-drive electric powertrain. The rear-wheel-drive has a 268 horsepower motor driving the rear wheels, with a 72 kWh battery and a driving range of about 250 miles. The all-wheel-drive has motors front and rear driving all four wheels with a 95 kWh battery, a range of 325 miles, and 402 combined horsepower. For comparison, the Tesla Model S is significantly more powerful, with the Plaid model boasting a combined output of 1,020 horsepower with its third motor. 

Both the Tesla Model S and the K-Byte have a more traditional exterior design but are luxurious on the inside. The K-Byte has a 520 km range and 95 kWh battery, while the Model S closely passes that with a 528 km range and a 100 kWh battery. Model S prices start at $90,000 USD.

Byton set out to prioritise on-board experience with the aim of making cars more comfortable spaces to be within. They aim to provide an enjoyable time for people on the move, so if comfort is more important to you than power, you might have found your brand. 

The 2021 Endurance by Lordstown Motors

Made in Ohio, USA, the Endurance was built to be a new type of pickup truck that revolutionises the way work gets done. Its four in-wheel hub motors improve vehicle control and make it the motor vehicle with the fewest moving parts.

Starting at $55,000 USD, the Endurance has a top speed of 80 mph, 600 horsepower, an EV range of 250+ miles, and a 109 kWh battery. 

How does it compare to Tesla? None of the three Tesla Cybertruck models (single-motor rear-wheel-drive, dual-motor all-wheel-drive, triple-motor all-wheel-drive) include self-driving features like the Endurance. 

Both the Endurance and single-motor rear-wheel-drive Cybertruck have the same range of around 250 miles. The dual-motor Cybertruck has a range of 300 miles and the tri-motor has a range of 500. 

The Cybertruck has one to three motors compared to the Endurance’s four. It also seats four passengers while the Endurance seats five. According to Business Insider, the bed on a standard Endurance is 5.5 feet long, while both the length of the Cybertruck and the long bed Endurance are 6.5 feet long. 

Are you simply after an effective work truck? With the Endurance, Lordstown Motors prioritises cost and reliability over a fancy interior, meaning this could be the electric vehicle for you.

Rivian’s R1T and R1S

Rivian is all about working towards solutions to create a more sustainable world and making trucks for the purpose of exploring. This brand presents its R1T and R1S trucks as being best suited for any terrain, from the mountains to the desert. 

The R1T and R1S retail from $67,500 and $70,000 respectively. Each launch model is a quad motor truck with a 300+ mile range. Soon after launch, the company plans to offer a smaller range 250+ mile version of each truck, and in 2022 they plan to produce a 400+ model of the R1T. The R1T is a five seater truck, while the R1S seats seven.

These are rugged trucks built specifically for off-road conditions. The company clearly has an eye for adventurous drivers with a taste for the great outdoors. The trucks are built for hauling bikes, surfboards, camping equipment and the like. The R1T has a combined 68 cubic feet of storage, including a ‘Gear Tunnel’ storage gap between the cab and truck bed. This Gear Tunnel has downwards-folding doors on either side of the vehicle that are sturdy enough to stand on, giving easier access to the roof racks. However, the Tesla Cybertruck still claims more, with a total 100 cubic feet of storage including the lockable, enclosed truck bed.

If you’re looking for a reliable off-road vehicle that will take you fishing, camping, biking, hiking, surfing or skiing then you may be interested in these trucks from Rivian.

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