The Top 5 UK Race Tracks That You Can Drive On

We've all wanted to be a race car driver at least once in our lives, but now you can make that fantasy a reality, right here in the UK!

Today our most daring moves come when trying to nab the last spot outside LIDL, or nipping along the M5 to avoid the traffic.

However it only takes watching Lewis Hamilton slip effortlessly through Silverstone once more, or seeing the new trailer for the latest Fast and Furious instalment, to get us daydreaming about the moves we could have pulled, if only we’d been given the chance. 

While we might never have the reflexes of Hamilton, or the production values of Vin Diesel, there are certainly options open to you if you want to flex your racing muscles. Below, we have gathered our 5 favourite tracks across the UK that you can drive on. 

Anglesey Circuit

Our first choice is found on the coast of Wales, jutting out into the Irish Sea. Known for its challenging corners and wide track that allows drivers all the space they need to manoeuvre like a pro, the Anglesey Circuit should certainly be on any driver’s bucket list. The track was a popular favourite of the Fifth Gear team, so should be familiar to a few of you. 

There is an impressive range of experiences available to customers, from the modest ‘High Speed Ride’, in which you can be nimbly escorted around the track by a professional driver, to the outrageously tempting ‘Le Mans’ package that allows you to live your Formula 1 fantasy for just a little while. And even if it turns out you’re not the star you thought you were, you can take a good long look out over the sea and question your choices.

Crail Raceway

Keeping in with the picturesque seaside theme, our next entry is Crail Raceway in Fife, Scotland. Once an RAF airstrip, it is now Scotland’s only drag racing venue and allows drivers to enter their own cars in events and competitions. While not a racetrack that is going to make you feel like you’re in the Grand Prix, the lack of glitz and glamour means that it’s likely to feel a lot more real. 

The venue states that any vehicle from 2 wheels up is eligible to race, so while you can bring along any car you like to give it a shot, it’s probably not advised to bring your BMW. Also, be prepared to see some more unusual vehicles taking part and make sure you have your camera. When you’re all raced out and ready to leave, the nearby towns offer some of the best fish and chips in the UK, so be sure to batter in. 

Dunsfold Park

Anyone who watched evening television in the noughties is going to want to drive this track. Dunsfold Park is most famous for being as much of a staple part of Top Gear as Clarkson or May, meaning that thousands of wannabe hosts flock to the aerodrome each year to be part of such an iconic part of British culture. 

While not the most technically interesting course, most drivers will have seen countless celebrities log their times into this track, ensuring that you’ll be able to see if you’re as good a driver as your favourite celebrity, or how badly you can destroy the time of that celebrity you have an irrational grudge against. 

Dunsfold Park doesn’t hire out it’s track privately, so it’s important to check on the site how you can go about reserving your time. 


We’re back in Fife, Scotland again! Knockhill is a favourite of drivers from all across the UK and it’s not hard to see why; with one of the most staggering array of driver experiences possible, it doesn’t feel like an exaggeration to say there is something for everyone here. From teen driving courses to give your kids a head start before they hit the road, to formula experiences designed to give you the rush of Formula 1, the options truly are staggering. 

But there is one section of the menu that is guaranteed to get your heart pumping. For those of us who have dreamed of owning one, the supercar options are truly the crowning jewel. With the options of Aston Martin or Ferrari (or both if you’re feeling flush) at your fingertips, for a few hours you could feel like a pop star or James Bond. Or, as we said above, both. 

Pembrey Circuit

Known as the ‘Home of Welsh Motorsport’, Pembrey Circuit is another repurposed airstrip and is a deceptively challenging course to master. While to the untrained eye the track might seem simple in design, with long stretches of road and gentle curves, it is famously tricky to drive well. It is for this very reason that Pembrey is used to this day for Formula 1 testing. So, by that logic, if you can drive well at Pembrey you could be an F1 driver!

Pembrey Circuit offers an impressive selection of driving experiences, as well as a full calendar of events you can go and watch if you’re not too desperate to be behind the wheel. Most of these races are car races, but there are also chances to go watch some bike races or even truck races, if you’re looking for something a little different!

So, what do you think? Do you think you should go give some of these a try? We certainly support this decision and, if afterwards you can’t help but feel like it’s time to upgrade your car, then you know where to come for car financing

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