The Safest Way to Buy a Car in the UK During the Pandemic

If you’re wondering how to buy a car in the UK during coronavirus, or planning the safest way to test drive a car at a dealership, then this is the guide for you!

Because of the way virus particles travel and transmit COVID-19, one of the ways people have adapted to the new normal is through the purchases they make, from groceries and electronics to vehicles. And like many other fields, the pandemic has shut down showrooms and driven people into online shopping.

If you’ve been thinking about getting a new car but want to do so without putting your health or that of those around you at risk, keep reading.

Try to Stay Online For As Much of the Process as Possible

For most people, buying a car is a major purchase, and you want to be sure you’ve made the right decision before you make such an important commitment that will affect your everyday life.

This is why when you’re shopping for a car online, ask the dealership for more photos. The view from different angles can provide you with a much better idea of the size and look of the car, as well as all the features.

You might also want to ask the dealership to share more information about different elements of the car such as the glass, the shock absorbers and the battery.

If you have a car now, think about what features you like and don’t like about it. Ask if the vehicle you’re interested in has those things so you can keep the features you like and improve what you don’t.

There should also be no reason why you can’t get a virtual tour of the car through a video call. You can even ask for a video recording of a test drive. While not a substitute for a real test drive, you will sometimes be able to pick up on things you otherwise wouldn’t notice when the car is parked at the dealership.

And you can also search and watch videos uploaded to YouTube by fellow car lovers!

Ensure Your Test Drive is Done Safely

It is understandable if you do want to test drive the car before making such an important commitment.

Once you have gathered as much information about the vehicle as possible to ensure you’re not taking an unnecessary trip, contact the dealership beforehand to ensure all health and safety measures will be respected.

Request that everyone present at the dealership will be wearing masks, socially distanced and ideally outside, since transmission takes place at a much faster rate indoors. If it’s necessary to be indoors, signing papers for example, ensure all COVID measures will be respected before you do this.

Mask up, take a shower, apply some hand gel and head off to the dealership.

You should ask whether the car has been completely disinfected, how recently and whether anyone has used the car since. Once your concerns have been addressed, ask to go for a test drive alone. There are ways for the dealership to ensure potential customers won’t run away and steal the vehicle when they go for their test drive. This can be leaving something important with the dealership like two pieces of ID, and/or allowing them to place a payment hold on your credit card until you come back with the vehicle.

Complete Your Payment Safely

Once you’ve fully inspected the car both online and offline, you will likely be able to come to a decision on whether or not you want the car. If you don’t, thank the dealership for their time and start considering another option for your needs.

If you decide the car is for you after fully acquainting yourself with all of its features, congratulations! Your online adventure to find the perfect car has come to an end.

There are, of course, different financing options you can arrange to purchase your car depending on whether you have a deposit or what credit score you currently hold. If you have any questions, we would be happy to help you - just contact us at Quick Car Finance.

Always be safe, but also be confident that you know everything about the car you’re purchasing before you make that important financial decision.

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