The Best Dog-Friendly Vehicles On The Market Right Now

They may not be able to talk, but our pets’ comfort is just as important as ours - what are the best cars out there for your canine friend?

When it comes to buying a new car, your focus is understandably going to be on how well the car suits you and your human passengers; how much luggage can it hold, are there enough seats? But often we forget the other members of our families. They may not be able to talk, but our pets’ comfort is just as important as ours.

Obviously a greyhound is going to feel more comfortable in a Range Rover than an MG, but what are the best cars out there for your canine friend?

Mercedes-Benz E-Class 

Comfort is vital for both driver and passengers and the Mercedes-Benz E-Class Estate has it in buckets. Regardless of whether you have a tiny pup or a beast you could saddle up and ride into town, the E-Class allows for more than enough room. Available in both a saloon model with a 540 litre boot or an estate model with a 640 litre boot, your dog is going to be able to settle down to-and-from your destination without fear of being cramped.

For smaller dogs (and perhaps those of us with less than ideal upper body strength) the air suspension system of the E-Class allows the driver to adjust the riding height; this feature is handy for our older, less agile furry friends. Similarly, the load bay is completely flat, meaning that there are no obstacles for either you or your dog to overcome when climbing in.

To prevent any troublesome claw marks, there is an optional folding sill protective mat that can be installed in the boot. Should you find yourself struggling with excited dogs when you reach your destination, the boot closes automatically, leaving your hands free to deal with the nightmare on the end of its lead.

BMW 5 Series Touring

Winner of the What Car? 2018 Car of the Year award, much of the BMW 5 Series Touring’s allure is in its vast boot space. While technically smaller than the E-Class Estate’s 640-litre boot, the 570-litre capacity means that this boot feels just as large and should prove to be roomy enough for even the largest of dogs. The finely trimmed upholstery of the interior also means that your pet should be able to relax on the comfortable floor.

Once again, there is no load lip at the entrance of the boot meaning that dogs can jump in and out effortlessly. All 5 Series Touring models come with a removable luggage net, so that you won’t have to instal a partition to keep your dog from escaping the boot and joining you in the car proper. The car’s suspension ensures a smooth ride on almost every terrain, though it can be a little bumpy over more uneven surfaces, so consider this if you’re planning on any wilderness hikes with your hounds!

Audi RS4 Avant

Audi has always had a reputation for producing chic yet powerful cars, and the Audi RSA Avant is no exception. While it is certainly a suitable car to cruise through town in, the RS4 Avant is just as comfortable on a winding country road; meaning that, whether you are taking your dog to the vet or for some exercise in the forest, your vehicle will be up to the task.

While the boot is not as large as the previous cars, the respectable 505-litre space will comfortably fit two smaller dogs or one large one, so your malamute doesn’t have to feel cramped! This boot is, like the others, lipless and admirably wide, removing any hassle that you may have previously experienced getting your pets into the car.

Nissan X-Trail SUV

A high ride height doesn’t have to mean that a car is going to be unsuitable for a dog; yes, smaller dogs may have trouble jumping in and out, but Nissan has included an option that is sure to appeal to any dog lover. The Paw Pack is a £600 luxury add-on designed to make the life of any pet owner (and indeed their pet) easier. The stand out addition is the ramp that can be attached to the boot to allow your terriers and chihuahuas to gracefully climb into the boot without the risk of injuring themselves.

Paw Pack also includes a boot liner to prevent any unwanted claw marks and muddy paw prints from ruining your brand new boot, while a hanging storage rack provides space for leads, toys and other paraphernalia your dog cannot be without. There is also a spill resistant bowl and a dog bed, so that your canine companion can be the most comfortable one in the car.

Land Rover Discovery

Lastly, no article about transporting your pets is going to be complete without mentioning the Land Rover. Designed with rugged landscapes and treacherous terrains in mind, the twists and turns of Britain’s countryside will prove no obstacle to the Discovery, enabling you to take your four-legged friends deep into the heart of the wilderness for a good run around the woods, mountains or forests.

The boot has a capacity of a whopping 981 litres, guaranteeing comfortable space for even the most gargantuan of dogs and, much like the Nissan X-Trail, it offers a range of options known as ‘Pet Packs.’ While the Pet Packs differ in content depending on price, they contain items designed to make your life easier like ramps, spill-proof bowls and boot liners.

The crowning jewel, however, is definitely the 6.5 litre shower (yes, we said shower!) that provides roughly 5 minutes of flow. If your dog (or child for that matter) has found themselves on the wrong side of a muddy puddle, this shower can help you make sure that your precious car stays as pristine as the day you bought it.

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