The 5 Most Popular Cars of 2020 and The 3 Most Popular in 2021 So Far

Buying a car is one of the most significant decisions you can make, we know that very well.

So if you are looking to finance a new or used car and would like to get a few ideas on what the ideal option could be, this article will surely be helpful. Here, we will show you the five most popular cars in the UK throughout 2020, followed by the three most commonly sold models so far this year. Buckle up!

The 5 most popular cars of 2020

5th: Mercedes A-class = 37,608 sales registered

30 years ago, Mercedes was completely out of reach for the majority. But now, they have never been easier to get. With a highly sophisticated design, cutting-edge technology and an exceptionally smooth drive, the Mercedes A-class stands as a clear favourite among the luxury vehicle market.

It even makes your life a little easier with its touch screen and the highly innovative operating system that powers it, as well as the driver assistance displays on both sides of the steering wheel. 

4th: Ford Focus = 39,372 sales registered

Its simple and comfortable driving is what propelled the Ford Focus to fourth place on our list. Owners have been quoted saying that driving it is pure joy, mainly thanks to its advanced rear suspension fitting. 

What’s more interesting is that 2020 saw the introduction of the new electrified Focus EcoBoost Hybrid powertrain. This 48-volt mild hybrid system improves fuel efficiency supported by cylinder deactivation. It also delivers an enhanced driver experience with its new “true colour” 12.3-inch LCD instrument cluster.

3rd: Volkswagen Golf = 43,109 sales registered

Mainly as a result of its affordable price, comfort, and high functionality, this model is in the third place of our list. If what you’re looking for is high performance and reliability, don’t be fooled by its small size; its fuel-saving diesel-powered engine makes it an affordable and efficient vehicle, even for long drives. It is also quite easy to maneuver in the city and, according to users, softens bumps remarkably well. 

2nd: Vauxhall Corsa = 46,439 sales registered