Keep Your Car Safe: 5 Tips to Prevent Your Car From Being Stolen

Don't let thieves destroy your dreams! Follow these simple tips to protect your car.

It’s possible to find miles of reports, statistics and videos on how to avoid car theft online. Many of them are very interesting and offer car owners sophisticated solutions to prevent these situations, such as proximity systems or even systems that require a sequence of certain buttons that the thief should press to start the car.

Good but generally expensive and complex ideas.

For this reason,  we want to offer you simpler, imaginative, cheaper and surely just as effective ideas.

Some of these solutions have been recommended by the UNODC (United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime), which studies and prevents (among many other matters) car thefts in different countries all over the world. Based on the overwhelming information that the organisation provides, it can be concluded that a car is stolen every five minutes in the UK alone.

1. Engrave your license plate on every car window

Any specialised garage can carry out this cheap task and, after it has been done, it won't be so easy for the thieves to conceal the car by just changing the number plate. They would also have to change every single  window of the vehicle.

2. Choose a loud alarm system and place a sticker

Place an alarm sticker in a clearly visible place, whether it is real that the car has an alarm system  or not. It is a very simple and visual element that will mainly act as a deterrent; this could encourage the thief to prefer another “less protected” vehicle. 

If, in addition to the sticker, you integrate a real alarm system that activates when the car moves or even when it is being lifted while trying to tow it, perfect, but remember this alarm should be as loud as possible. There are many options available on the market.

3. Install a mechanical or electrical power breaker

It must be hidden and only you should know its location. It doesn't have to be digital or even complex. No matter how sophisticated the thief may be, without power they will not be able to take the car.

4. Show off anti-theft elements in highly visible places

The car, at first glance, must appear much more complicated to steal than those parked around it. You can use chains or similar elements, even if they are not working! The thief will not be able to know it without first getting inside the car (and by then the alarm will be working just in time).

5. Leave a Criminal Code on the dashboard or on the passenger seat

Might seem crazy, right? But, at the end of the day, who wants to steal a car from a judge, a prosecutor or a criminal lawyer? The answer is nobody.

As far as we are concerned, these tips are very useful to protect one of your most important treasures. For more car tips, please visit the Guides & Tips section of our car finance Blog.

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