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Important information before you APPLY FOR CAR FINANCE

  • You are about to apply for car finance with us. During this process, a (‘soft’) credit reference search will be conducted, but this will in no way affect your credit score.
  • Quick Car Finance will use your contact information to reach out to you in relation to processing this application for car finance and securing a deal with a reputable lender.
  • Even though submitting an application with us won’t affect your credit score, we advise you to wait until you definitely want finance.
  • We also suggest you think about the costs associated with the vehicle of your choice. Other factors such as fuel, insurance, tax, and servicing will all have an influence on the affordability of your car in the long run.

How do we compare vs other car finance companies?

At Quick Car Finance, we strive to live up to our name and help our customers get the car of their dreams in no time. Our high Google reviews lay witness to this daily commitment. See for yourself why we’re the best partner to find the best deal for a new or used car.

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How to apply for car finance online?

Before you apply for car finance, decide how much money you want to borrow. Take into account your current income and how much you can afford to put aside each month (our Car Finance Calculator can help you work this out). Next, decide which model you want to finance and whether you want a new or used car. If you need inspiration, you can also search our used car portal, which has over 150,000 cars available!

Once you’ve gone through these steps, you can now apply for car finance. Choose the amount you would like to borrow and click ‘Get Started Now’ - we can then help you get a quote for an affordable loan that will not impact your credit score!

What documents are needed to apply for car finance online?

The documents you need can vary from lender to lender, but there are a few bits of paperwork that most car financing companies will want to see. All lenders will want you to be able to prove that any personal details you’ve supplied are accurate.

When applying for car finance expect to be asked to provide a photo of your driving licence or passport. To make sure you can afford the payments, the lender may also need to see payslips or other proof of income. Quick Car Finance will recommend the right lender for you, from its panel, then let you know exactly what’s required by them.

Does applying for car finance affect my credit rating?

Applying for car finance does not affect your credit rating. During the application process, we conduct a soft credit check, which is a preliminary credit check usually undertaken to understand if you’re eligible for a loan. This type of search doesn't affect your credit score and, most importantly, is not shared with potential lenders.

The only time your credit score and history are shared with a lender will be when you choose to purchase a product, and the lender you've chosen to purchase from will then conduct a full/hard credit check.

Who can apply for car finance?

Anyone over the age of 18, who is a UK resident, and has a full driver’s licence can apply for car finance. Different lenders will have their own set of requirements but, generally speaking, all you need is the aforementioned things.

Can I apply for car finance with bad credit?

Yes, you can. Our panel of lenders consider applications from people who have bad credit. With different finance options available and a large panel of lenders, we are confident that we can find the best quotes for you.

Also, taking out car finance, or any other type of credit arrangement, and meeting all payment obligations, could also help you repair your credit report. If you make all your repayments on time, you’ll demonstrate that you’re capable of being responsible with money. You can read more about bad credit car finance here.